FestivalsFestivals Kumbeshwar Mela / Janai Purnima

On the occasion of Janai Purnima residence of Patan celebrate a different ritual festival known a kumbeshwor mela. Kumbeshwor mela is celebrated by placing a shrine of Lord Shiva in the middle of a pond made by collecting water from stone sprouts of kumbeshwor from earlier days The natural spring at the Kumbheshwor temple complex is believed to have originated from Gosaikunda Lake. It is also believed that taking a dip in the pond during Janai Purnima is the same as doing so in Gosainkunda. On Kumbeshwor Mela or Janai Purnima Mela (usually August full moon), thousands of devotees come to worship the embossed silver sheath worn by the sacred linga.

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